Yaxell Ran Chinese Chefs Knife 18cm

Yaxell Ran Chinese Chefs Knife 18cm

69 Layers - Made in Japan
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Yaxell Corporation has inherited these ancient sword smiths' traditional skills, and has been crafting professional kitchen knives since the company's establishment in 1932.

Kitchen knives exist as essential products in our daily lives.
This is the reason why we continue to strive for the kind of quality knife that customers not only want, but need. To this end, we develop new products from the ground up, designed to fit a variety of purposes and lifestyles.

Combining the best of advanced technology with the unsurpassed knowledge and expertise of traditional craftsmen, we have created several high-end knife lines. Each high-end knife line has one Japanese character as its name: "豪GOU", "嵐 RAN", "膳ZEN" and "紋 MON". They are highly recommended by not only Japanese domestic customers, but by customers all over the world.

Made in Japan

Ran means' The Excellent' in Japanese.
The core material VG10 "super steel" is composed of Cobalt,
Molybdenum, Vanadium and Carbon. VG10 stainless steel is clad
with 34 layers of soft and hard high-carbon stainless steel on each
side, producing 69 layered rust-resistant Damascus-look. The
blade has an extremely sharp cutting-angle. Our special heat
treatment gives our blades the outstanding hardness rating of
HRC61 on the Rockwell scale, ensuring long lasting cuttin g

69 layers VG10 (Cobalt-Molybdenum-Vanadium)
Stainless Steel

The handle is made out of FDA-approved black Canvas-Micarta,
which is an odorless and enormously durable material made of resin
and linen. This material lasts decades. The end of the handle i s
made out of stainless steel, which gives the knife outstanding
stability. Two stainless steel rivets fasten the handle tightly. 

Blade Length 180mm