Chasseur Nordic Casserole Round 24cm

Chasseur Nordic Casserole Round 24cm

Made In France - Cast Iron
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History.The first traces of foundry date back to prehistoric times. The molds, modeled in soft stone to collect the molten metal, were used to manufacture tools. This technique marked the passage from Stone Age to the Bronze Age and the arrival of metal in daily life and the arts. Today foundry work affects a wide variety of fields like advanced industries such as aerospace. It allows forming metal alloys, cast in sand molds. Enamelling, a technique for coating metals, was used in Antiquity to decorate art objects. Today this highly manual technique is used to coat the objects of our daily life.

Chasseur enameled cast-iron cookware is manufactured at the Invicta foundry and enameling plants, which have been established since 1924 in Donchery, the French Champagne Ardenne region known all around the world for its food and wine. Today its know-how extends to sectors as different as culinary pottery, decoration, furniture, wood heating and barbeques. Invicta controls 100% of the manufacturing process in-house: design department, foundry, surface treatment, marketing and distribution.


Made in France - produced in the Champagne Ardennes region of France, known the world over for its fine food and wine. Each piece of Chasseur Cast Iron Cookware is Unique - every piece is hand cast in individual sand moulds which are destroyed after each use. Manual Enamelling Process - the trademark Chasseur coloured enamel is skilfully applied by hand to each unique piece by trained experts. Optimal Gauge on All Pieces - to promote unsurpassed heat distribution and retention and no hot spots. Self-basting Lids - The weight of Chasseur lids create the perfect seal, and have the additional feature of internal self-basting rings encouraging re-absorption of moisture and even distribution of flavour. Environmentally Friendly - Chasseur uses up to 80% recycled material. Suitable for all Heat Sources Including Induction Oven Safe to 220°C Lifetime limited warranty against manufacturer faults and defects - Click Here to View
Chasseur Nordic Casserole Round 28cm
Chasseur Nordic Casserole Round 28cm Made in France - Cast Iron
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